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Konica Minolta Desktop Digital Imaging System

For any sized business, Konica Minoltaís bizhub 161f is a powerful productivity solution. It lets you store, manage, and distribute documents from a central resource, to accelerate the flow of information and create a workstyle not restricted by time or place.

Your bizhub 161f is fast, simple to use and superior in image quality, so it gives your communications a more professional look.  If your business is growing, your small office is busier than ever or your old analog copier canít keep up with todayís digital workflow, itís time you stepped up to the power of bizhub.

  • Fast, high-quality print/copy output -- up to 16 ppm (letter) printing at up to 1200 x 600 (equivalent) resolution, 16 ppm copies of a single original at up to 600 x 600 dpi.            
  • Built-in PCL printing, simple PC connectivity with USB1.1 or IEEE 1284, and network connectivity through 10/100BaseT interface give you PC print control right out of the box.             
  • Built-in Super G3 fax, advanced fax transmission/reception features, including 215 autodialing keys and F-Code support.             
  • Color TWAIN scanning lets you scan and digitize color originals as easily as B&W.             
  • Superior image quality in text and photo mode reproduces more fine details and smooth, striking halftones.

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