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Acres of Excellence

Equipment Functionality Pledge
Broken Acres Electronics understands how important your office equipment is to your business. That's why we offer our exclusive Equipment Functionality Pledge. This pledge commits us to keeping your equipment running for 5 years.*

In the unlikely event that we can't repair your equipment at your site, we will provide a loaner for you at no charge, until your equipment is repaired. If your machine can't be made to perform like new, we will replace it with a new machine.

Service Pledge
We have invested more time, effort and money in our Service Department than any other aspect of our business. That's because our company was built on service. Our Service Pledge to you means we will respond to all urgent calls within 5 hours. All of our technicians are highly qualified, factory-trained individuals with many years of experience.

Parts and Supplies Pledge
There is nothing more frustrating than knowing the solution to a problem and not having the resources to fix it. That's why, with our Parts and Supply Pledge, we commit to always having the right parts and supplies in stock, so we can take care of any problems that arise. If we don't have what you need to get your equipment running right, we will have it shipped to us overnight.

Fiscal Responsibility Pledge
We are committed to allowing our clients the ability to upgrade their equipment as their needs change. Our Fiscal Responsibility Pledge allows us to offer financing programs custom-tailored to your business. These programs allow you the flexibility to change your office equipment without penalizing you.

Satisfaction Pledge
We know that our clients are the reason for our very existence. That's why our Satisfaction Pledge commits us to providing you with whatever it takes to keep your business up and running effectively.

Please contact Broken Acres Electronics to learn more about our Acres of Excellence program.

*Uninterrupted participation in Broken Acres Service Pledge Program is required. Equipment rated at 70+ copies per minute is covered for 5 years or 7 million copies, whichever comes first. Equipment rated at 50 to 70 copies per minute is covered for 5 years or 4 million copies, whichever comes first. Equipment rated at less than 50 copies per minute is covered for 5 years or 2 million copies, whichever comes first.

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