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Our Name and History

Ususally, it's Broken Arrow, but then we've also heard Broken Arches, Broken Anchor and Barken Acres. People refer to us as "the place with the funny name." By far, the most frequently asked question is how we got our name.

In the 19th century, Milan, Ohio, shipbuilder James Gay owned land along the Huron River and named it Gaytown. In the 1940s, Emma Schell purchased the land and over the years added non-contiguous parcels, naming the land Broken Acres.

When the business was started from our house on this land 15 years ago, it seemed only right to call it Broken Acres Electronics. Besides our family heritage, an important part of our logo is the Connecticut Charter Oak. This symbol reflects the history of the Firelands and the United States, a heritage we hold dear.

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